K ing of my heart’s choice

Untitled-design (4)Me.

Daughter of the King. Heir to His Kingdom! (Romans 8:17)

Such kindness, grace and mercy wraps up His love for us when we accept His offer to be His child.

And many of us don’t even know this is a part of accepting Jesus into our heart, because all we knew at the time was how much we needed to be made clean and right with God.

Can I just remind you what Holy Spirit whispered in my ear this morning as I pondered this wondrously kind gift?

Yes, YOU! I not only went to the cross for you, I planned you into being!  You are made on purpose, with a purpose, for My delight! As My child, I enjoy spending time with you & seeing you become more like Me.

On the hardest of days? Those kind of kind, loving words from His heart to mine help me hold on all the tighter to my King!

Worship: King of my Heart by Bethel Music

#AtoZofhowYoudefineme #hopefortheharddays

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