when your day hits hard

​When your day has been crammed with more waiting to see promises come to life, and you spill on your clothes right before date night… choosing a cute stock photo seems appropot. 😉

Coz I don’t like getting my pic taken when tears are close to the surface, not even by myself.

God lovingly reminded me through His whispers & my hubby’s encouragement that the best is yet to come. Even when I can’t see if unfurling right now.

And that it is perfectly okay for me to cry, be a little blue about it.

As long as I continue to give everything over to Him and never let go of His strong hand & promises on these kinda days.

He’s got me, always.

So I can look forward to date night, and be completely present to enjoy it.




Just me. Blogger, writer, singer, worshiper, wife, mom, coworker, friend, daughter & child of God with a passionate, grace-soaked, hope-filled, wonder-gazing & great-full heart! Finding hope in His Presence every day because He calls me Beloved!

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