Z ealous for good works?

ZEALOUS. A word not commonly used much anymore, but one which encompasses all these meanings with its one word:

  • Ardent. 
  • Committed. 
  • Devoted. 
  • Enthusiastic. 
  • Fervent. 
  • Intense. 

Not only does God set us free from our wrongdoings, He describes us as zealous for good works…and then amps it up to the next level by supernaturally empowering us to do so!!!

He is zealous for me.

And you too.

He will never stop loving us, guiding us, or pursuing us, friend.

And because of how He makes us new, we are able with His help to zealously use our hands & works to bless other and bring God glory!!

#zealous #hopefortheharddays #AtoZofhowYoudefineme 

PS. Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I wrap up this series with the one letter you may have thought I missed… 🤓



Just me. Blogger, writer, singer, worshiper, wife, mom, coworker, friend, daughter & child of God with a passionate, grace-soaked, hope-filled, wonder-gazing & great-full heart! Finding hope in His Presence every day because He calls me Beloved!

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