midday ponders – the unexpecteds

​Part of being plugged in is the distractions which come along side the package.

Just because I have a phone doesn’t mean I need to answer every call as soon as it rings.
And just because a scam call comes through from time to time doesn’t mean i need to throw my phone in frustration.

God is teaching me to hold on to Him when the unexpecteds come along. For He is: 

  • my Peace
  • my Rock
  • my Refuge
  • my Calm in the storms. 

Every moment of my day.

My part is to remember who He is and who I am at all times.

I am His Beloved. 

Designed to be always in His Presence. 

And with His help, He keeps me close and guides me through the wavy and uncharted waters.




Just me. Blogger, writer, singer, worshiper, wife, mom, coworker, friend, daughter & child of God with a passionate, grace-soaked, hope-filled, wonder-gazing & great-full heart! Finding hope in His Presence every day because He calls me Beloved!

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