Sunday Psalm: heart cry

I hear you
My heart hears
your heart’s cry

I’m with you
My heart beats
with yours

I am drawing you
deeper still
I am waiting here
for you
Come as you are
broken wounded
for nothing will
hold You back
from all I have
for you

So I will sing
over you
my Beloved
come as You are
as I sing
over you
You’ll draw near
even closer to me

I will never
stop singing
My love song over you
I will always
keep calling you
with all the longing
in my heart
I am Yours
& you are Mine





Just me. Blogger, writer, singer, worshiper, wife, mom, coworker, friend, daughter & child of God with a passionate, grace-soaked, hope-filled, wonder-gazing & great-full heart! Finding hope in His Presence every day because He calls me Beloved!

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