preparing the way- taking it to heart

Are you prepared for Advent this year?

I don’t mean the hustle
or the bustle…
not the holiday baking,
not the house decorating.
Not the cards in the mail
or the next gift on sale.

I am talking about your heart.

If God put all this time and effort in to making the way for Jesus to come down to us, how much effort are you making to prepare the way for Him to come to you?

Spending time reading the Word?
Listening for His lead through the season?

This week, Matthew reminds us family matters, especially your Father.

Mark reminds us we are called to herald Jesus, to help prepare His way to those needing to meet Him.

Luke reminds us to be prepared for God’s extraordinary to show up in our ordinary lives.

John reminds us Advent was birthed from God’s idea, and put together in a heavenly plan preparing to change heaven and earth forever.

Christmas is about worshipping the God the miracle brought, not the miracle itself.

Christmas is a mess without Christ.

You may need to:
Let your laptop die
Lock your door
Turn the ringer off
Say no to one more get together

You might want to:
Put some worship music on
Watch the Christ come to us story
Read an Advent devotional

Make the space in your heart, mind, soul to breathe, rest – however you need to keep Him in place this Advent.

Don’t miss the Reason for the season, Martha.


A few good rules for keeping space for Him over Advent:

1. store bought is okay

2. do only one main thing a day

3. say no if you know you shouldn’t

4. slow down when you normally wouldn’t

5. spend time just being with the God of the manger

6. Follow these few tips to avoid treat Advent like a stranger.

May we never lose sight of the Wonder: God with us!

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