be still

Last night, a fall resulting in a sprained ankle caused me to slow down, literally.

This morning, the final death of my cell phone got my attention, 100%.

Not only because it was inconvenient, but because it caused me to unplug for several hours, even more time than I am now starting to do on a regular basis.

Once a week, I unplug from work over the weekend. As I work in part from home, this means a lot of prep to be able to unplug, but I have found that as I have done so (apart from writing for myself) I am more peaceful and able to handle the pace of three jobs & wife & mom & friend & daughter & child of God much better.

Rest in the bible isn’t a suggestion.
The fact is: God mentions it often enough (rest, come away, Sabbath) it is in our best interest to pursue it and make it part of our lives.

Once a week, I turn off my cell phone for a chunk of time and fully unplug.

Once a month, I try to do something I find helps me relax: a massage, a pedicure by my daughter, buy a new book…things that help me rest.

I also like to listen to relaxing worship music whenever I can, to just soak in resting.

I aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night, as I need that for maximum recharging of my batteries each night.

Every year, I get away with a few girlfriends to retreat.

More than all those great ways to unplug, plugging into the Holy is the best way to keep your life in all its complexities in perspective.

Time spent worshipping,
reading the Word,
sitting still,

These are the ways my soul needs to stay properly charged.

you see….

If my soul gets drained, life becomes too much. The daily grind and to do lists grow uncontrollably, and I can’t see the mountains for the molehills.

Sit still.

Rest is the real key to daily living.

We have been designed to need it.
Give in to the desire for a quieter moment amidst the hustle bustle.

God is waiting to me you there.

The fast pace will always be there waiting to draw us in.

The battles may rage on around you.

but God calls us to respond in the best way, better than all the doing we can do in the heat of the moment.

Its time to be still.
Call His name.
Leave it in His hands.
Rest in His love.


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