your big year

I recently watched the movie ‘The Big Year’ with my family, without knowing much about it, besides the actors & that birdwatching would be involved.

It was quite the eye opener for me.

The day before I was reminded we need to remember the treasures we have, which may be hidden under all our junk.

The Big Year brought this to light.
(Note: a big year is a calendar year where you total up every bird you have seen by type & species in North America. The real life winner at the time of filming had seen 755!)

The world’s best birdwatcher couldn’t see beyond his desires or plans, as he was consumed only with his goal: to stay on top & protect his world record at all cost.

His two main contenders this same year, one a well-off man, the other an average Joe, both managed to make  place in the top four that year. 

As they both pursued their lifelong dream of completing a big year, they came to realize their true treasures were the loved ones who were there for them, not setting the world record- for love lasts.

The defending world record holder lost the treasure waiting for him at home, as he could not let go of his desires to work together on anything with his wife. He sacrificed love for glory.

We have all been guilty of doing the same at times.

We too have the choice for a big year. The bible refers to it as “The Year of the Lord’s Favor” in Isaiah 61. Jesus lived this out while He was here on earth.

A year filled with freedom, Spirit filled living, good news, healing for the brokenhearted, comfort, rebuilding, renewal.

Where we will wear a crown of beauty and garments of praise, salvation and His righteousness.

And if those are not enough, we will also receive a double portion, and our inheritance.

All of this is what God intends for us, this year.

This could be your big year. To see the Spirit move in you over & over. That you- the captive, prisoner, hurting and/or lonely will be released from your cage, and soar. Free. As God intended for you.

You could total up your year of treasures, the ways God chose to bless you, and I suspect God would blow 755 out of the water without any two being duplicated.

Don’t settle for the glint of worldly glory.

Step out into your big year, and let His power move to let the blessings for His glory begin!


(PS. You can learn more about the movie ‘The Big Year’  at:

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