catch a wave


A wave of fullness is headed my way.
Not one intended to drown me, but rather to soak me in the new depths God has for me.

Like all things new that we know are coming but haven’t yet quite arrived, there is a little bit now apprehension within me as I wait.

I know God has wonderful things planned for me, beyond my comprehension in my right here and now.

The waiting is where my tension has a tendency to build.

My trust, when I forget to focus on the One I am trusting vs my ability to trust, can waffle and fizzle out, short circuiting as it was never intended to be based on me.

My faith, when I forget to raise my eyes off the circumstances and focus them on my Provider, shrivels from lack of water.

The Source you & i need to deepen our faith & trust as we wait? He is:
Ever present.
Mighty to save.
All powerful.
The Lord of Lords.
The Almighty.
Beginning and End.

He not only is all we need, but also the releaser of the timing for the blessings He has for us.

I had been feeling more momenta of dryness of late, and had been checking to see the water level about me….which wasn’t buoying me up very high.

I am needing a good soaking.

As much as family, your best friends, your coworkers & even your pet can be there for you, there is an infusion needed that only God can give us.

I am ready for my soaking, Lord.
More of You, Less of me.

I can hardly wait for the wave to hit!

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