freedom isn’t free

Freedom is costly.

It is born out of a deep desire for justice.

A longing for truth.


Setting the captives free.

A love for our nation.

A call to serve.

The cry of anguish in desperate need of release.

The sacrifice of so many who fought in the World Wars, Vietnam, Gulf War, the Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel, Africa… To try and right the wrongs of injustice, taking physical and sometimes immediate action to do so.

Rising up to fight for what is right implies there is an opposition. Who will want to defeat you to keep things the way they are.

War begins when compromise fails.

Both my grandfathers fought in World War 2. One was an American, the other a Dane (Denmark).

My maternal grandfather from the States died before I could make a memory of him. My mom says he was a caring man, but from what I can gather he was a peacemaker at great cost to his own peace.

My paternal grandfather fought in Denmark. He refused to speak of those days. Ever. I believe he was such a loving, humorous and compassionate man, his mind could not compute the horrors he must have seen. And locked it away in order for him to live after serving.

These men of honour paid a dear price as they did their part in helping set prisoners free from the Nazis.

Many, many, many others died. Their families had their hearts torn out in grief, never to lay eyes on their beloveds again.

Many, many came home changed with physical, emotional and mental injuries, some permanent.

The shock of war changes participants within in ways the naked eye cannot always see.

Freedom for those set free sometimes came after great losses of those being persecuted.

The loss of so many loved ones on both sides is staggering.

I choose to appreciate the sacrifice of time, effort, skill and lives changed forever by those who serve- whether in the army, navy, air force, militia, police, fire, rescue.

I know three more recent war vets, and can say that all of them had life changing experiences.

What does the cost of freedom have to do with me, you may be asking.

You have the option of heaven because Christ paid the cost for your freedom.

God on a cross, offering Himself as the payment in the war for your soul.

It was the highest price paid that day, the divine laying down so that humanity could move into freedom.

There is no mistake, there is opposition. The enemy does not want you to know the battle has been won, so he tries to keep us so busy in skirmishes we fail to see the bigger picture.

Our freedom has come.
The battle is won.
Because of Christ alone.

Wars will continue to rage about us as people fail to discover the life altering fact that there is a better way to live.

A life of freedom on the inside.
Because we know the battle on the outside has been won.
God is the victor.

Peace despite all circumstances.

Your soul set free, no matter what your situation.

Freedom is costly.

The blood of Jesus was the ultimate and only sacrifice to set you free.

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