Are You a Tree or Are You a Bird? Conversations with David Janzen

I am a tree that loves the birds that come to & fro. I love my chicks 😉


Last night I was at Grandview Calvary Baptist Church meeting with David Janzen and various intentional community practitioners from downtown Vancouver. We had representatives from Servants, 614 Community,Catholic Workers, Grandview, and L’Arche.

” David,” I said, shaking his hand. “I met you in Toronto. Likely I will just follow you all over North America.” I grinned. He grinned back.

Our conversation skipped along the surface of intentional community issues, like a rock skipping across the water. It was fascinating and encouraging to see how common many of our experiences (and struggles) were.

One topic that came up was stability.

“An analogy that helps us understand stability, community, and the kingdom, is the analogy of the mustard seed. It’s small, the size of a conversation, a longing. But you put it in the ground and it grows, and the birds can land and nest. It’s like that with…

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