What will you leave behind?


What fingerprints will you will leave behind when your time is up?

I want to leave behind hearts that have been blessed by connecting with mine.

I want my kids to be the typical healthy & well paired with their future spouses, but also able to stand in the face of adversity, knowing God is for them.

I want my family and friends to be using their gifts and talents. If God can use my encouragement and mentoring to help them do so, it is a privilege. I try to model this by using mine daily, however God leads.

I smile at the strangers I encounter, because I don’t know who may need that glimpse of kindness in order to make it through another day.

I try to be a shoulder for those who are hurting and broken, and help them to find the freedom & new life waiting for them.

I try to model, some days better than others, that the next life is where our value is truly at.

We are all visitors here on earth.

Our true legacy is how much of heaven we bring down to earth and share with those around us.

I likely won’t be leaving a lot of money to those I will be leaving behind.

I hope my legacy will be that of:
Never swerving hope
Enduring faith
Unfailing love
Sharing one’s gifts
Being a blessing to and a help to those we love & are privileged to meet.
Unshakable trust- all things will work together for my good

My words, sung and written, may linger a little longer, but Gods love through me in action is the legacy that matters in the here and now. Hearing Him say one day, “Well done, faithful servant, My beloved” when we meet face to face.

What kind of legacy are you going to leave behind?

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