Good Friday ponderings

Today, I found myself pondering just how far God will go to show the world His love.

His love led Him to the cross.

It was His love for you and I that held Him there, to pay the price for our sin. The unholy which keeps us from drawing close to God.

That which turning from God to do what we want instead started in the Garden of Eden, with Eve and Adam eating the off limits fruit.

We reap what we sow, don’t we?

And usually, I would say this is the case most of the time.

But not when it comes to God.

God knew we could never pay the price for all our compiled offenses during our collective He did something about it.

He told us in His Word the signs by which we would know the Messiah had come. And then set out to not only check off each and every promise and sign to prove He is who He says He is, He put His life on the line to prove His love for those He came to rescue.

You and I are included, friend.

So when you come across Jesus’ betrayal by Judas, Peter’s denials, Pilate’s washing His hands, the Priests rejecting their Messiah, His cruel treatment at the hands of the Roman guards, and the verbal abuse not only from the two others bring crucified, bur from the very crowds He had come to rescue?

Don’t rush on by. Take the time to read and feel this part of His Story.

Because Jesus died on that cross for all people, including you, and me.

He lay down His life, and shed His blood so we could pass over from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of heaven.

But tonight, sit at the foot of the cross, and see the love He has for you on His face. Take in how He endured pain, loss, rejection, physical & emotional abuse, exhaustion and death.

How Jesus’ passion for you helped Him stay focused on the long term goal, not the short term situation He knew He would conquer as he followed His Father’s plan.

But more on that as Easter approaches….


when holiness and wholeness are lacking


In the Garden of Eden, Adam & Eve lived in a wholeness both within themselves and with God.⠀

In fact, holiness was present, and it was very good.⠀

Until Eve was deceived, ate the off limits fruit, and passed it on to Adam who joined her in disobeying God.⠀

This act torn the holiness, the wholeness, out of Adam & Eve as it introduced sin and broken relationship into Eden, and when they were sent out, into the world.⠀

Humanity has been seeking restoration ever since.⠀

But we, on our own as humans, may not have caused this rift, this fall but we inherited its outcome.⠀

Division within, and in relationship.⠀

God rescued, redeemed & restored those who chose to follow Him for generations between Genesis, and the last book of the Old Testament, Malachi.⠀

Until something I never expected happened as we entered into Matthew, the New Testament.⠀

God changed His story from one of speaking through prophets and priests, to speaking through angels. ⠀

And then to people directly with the birth of Jesus.⠀

It took nothing short of the miraculous to address the rift between people and God, to wash away our sin once and for all.⠀

Tomorrow, I will share just what Jesus did to make us holy again, and to show us how much He wants a relationship with us again.⠀


Sitting here at Your feet

“Here at Your feet, I lay my past down. My wanderings, all my mistakes down, and I am free.⠀

Here at Your feet, I lay this day down. Not in my strength, but in Yours I’ve found all I need, You’re all I need.⠀

Jesus, Jesus, at Your feet, oh to dwell and never leave. Jesus, Jesus, at Your feet – there is nowhere else for me.⠀

Here at Your feet, I lay my future down. All of my dreams, I give to You now and I find peace, I find peace⠀

Here at Your feet, I lay my life down. For You my King, You’re all I want now and my soul sings…”⠀

“At Your Feet” by Casting Crowns

#Easteriscoming #hopefortheharddays

pressing pause

Today, I press pause.

To do what I sense I need most.

Right here, right now,

I come to #worship You, Jesus.

Find me at Your feet. by Elle_Limebear


Copy of March 28 HiHP

Early morning Caturday with Henry

May you not go through today alone, but with one you love. And if you are a cat named Henry, one who will feed you in the wee hours! 🐱❤️😆

#ohhenry #weeklymeow #pawesome #adoptdontshop #rescuecats #Caturday

reminder to keep using our 3 keys

Friend, some days, weeks, and let’s be real, seasons, can be hard and feel drawn out.It can be so easy to just sit down and let our situation or emotions dictate our behaviour. But it is our choice to either hide from it, whatever it is, or face it with faith.

Putting the three keys of gratitude, prayer and forgiveness into practice every day can go a long way towards helping our faith grow and develop into positive action, as we depend upon God to be our Hope, Provider and Deliverer.

This quote by Maya Angelou captures the importance of how we deal with moments, past, present and future.

HIHP socmed 3 keys quote

The key of gratitude helps us stay anchored in the present moment, actively inviting His Presence into our present, right now.

The key of prayer helps us to seek His direction for what is up ahead, inviting God to an honest and open two way conversation.

The key of forgiveness helps us to look back at our past, releasing all our hurts and sorrows into His hands to be set free and healed by the One who was there with us, and best knows how to make us whole again.

Friend, I get how hard it can be to remind ourselves to respond with faith instead of fear or hurt. So I made this quote into a screensaver for my phone, to keep these keys front and center on my mind… and to train myself to focus on Him first at all times.

You too might need such a reminder. Visit my freebie page and download this quote as a screen saver for your phone:

And may God meet us in each and every moment we seek Him, whether we are seeking His healing from our past, guidance for our future, or His presence in our present.


Putting the 3rd key to focusing on God into practice

As many of you may know from previous posts, I live in a cozy home, also referred to as a small house. Which considering that myself at 5’10” is the shortest of the four adults living there, it makes for tight quarters. Especially with only one full bathroom. (the washroom is in the basement two levels down.)

When someone gets up in the middle of the night, inevitably someone else gets woken up. By either the sound, the light, or the stumbling and bumping while trying to keep the light off.

I also have two young cats, one of whom will wait patiently for the first person to awake. The other, not so much. Henry will throw himself at a set of wiggly closet doors until I get up to pay attention to his need.

Which when it happens an hour after I get to sleep, or an hour before my alarm is set to go off, or on the really hard nights – both – requires me to use the third key to keeping my focus on God and not what’s happening right now to stress me out.


And as Jesus so aptly put it, constantly offering it. Over and over, even if it’s the same person (or cat) pushing your buttons time and time again.

For not only does forgiveness set us free from our negative emotions and making a soul tie to a person or situation, it does something else which I find rather amazing….

Forgiving someone for hurting you releases their true identity over them.

Forgiving is an important key to keeping your focus on God, and how He wants us to live, especially through the harder days.

Like those when living with the kind of sleep deprivation I have not experienced for decades since having newborn or sick in hospital children.

Whether it’s due to their snores, late nights help finishing papers, mid night bathroom interruptions, or a glow in the dark badminton birdie cat toy your toddler cat can’t wait for you to throw for him at midnight.

How have I been coping in this season of weariness?

  1. Speaking out what I am grateful for every day.
  2. Praying about everything when it comes up, and asking God to guide me through.
  3. Forgiving when someone, intentionally or not, hurts me in any way. Even if they have done it before.

But here is the point that God highlighted for me this morning in the verse below.

It’s often those who are closest to you who hurt you, isn’t it, friend? Your spouse, your child, your parent, your best friend, your coworker.

Those we are around the most have the most opportunity to hurt us, just as much as we can hurt them.

I have learned that as often as I need to forgive others, I also need to offer myself forgiveness for what I have done that harms myself.

Like late night binge watching Netflix when I should be sleeping. Or eating that fast food meal when my body is crying out for fresh foods.

May we be walking expressions of forgiveness like Jesus was when He walked amongst us. Keeping our hearts free and close to His.


“At that point Peter got up the nerve to ask, “Master, how many times do I forgive a brother or sister who hurts me? Seven?”
Jesus replied, “Seven! Hardly. Try seventy times seven.” (Matthew 18:22 MSG)


“Not Guilty Anymore” by Aaron Keyes